From the recording Mama's Going to Rehab

Mama's going to Rehab is a comedic look at a dysfunctional redneck family. Listen to the wild adventures the family has, as mama finds,
love and rehabilitation at court ordered rehabilitation facility.


Brother went to college on a football scholarship,
and sister got a tattoo way down on her hip.
Daddy went to Vegas for the gambling and the thrills.
And Mama's going to rehab to get her off the pills


Mama's going to rehab and aint it just a shame.
I feel sorry for daddy cause you know he's the blame.
When sister became a stripper mama almost lost her mind.
And now she's going to rehab to leave those pills behind.

Brother went all American and then threw out his knee,
Now they call sister miss February.
Daddy lost his money in Vegas, he couldn't even afford a cab.
Mama ran off with a counselor, she met at rehab,

Chorus again.